Gras Savoye Brokers and  Consultants Ltd.
Insurance & Reinsurance
Brokers and Consultants Ltd was incorporated in September 1983 and was the first company to obtain the licence of an Insurance Broker from the Ministry of Finance and rank among the leading insurance brokers in Mauritius. The practice of insurance in Mauritius is governed by the Insurance Act 2005 and both Insurance and Insurance broking are regulated by the Financial Services Commission.

With the development and changing environment of the insurance/ reinsurance industry worldwide and in order to secure our Corporate clients whilst at the same time consolidating our Independence, we concluded in 2004 a shareholding arrangement with Gras Savoye s.a.

Gras Savoye s.a is the number one in Insurance Broking in France. Through this shareholding with Gras Savoye s.a we have access to the expertise of our partner and to the international insurance/reinsurance markets enhanced by the Willis shareholding into Gras Savoye s.a.

As a result of the major shareholding of Gras Savoye s.a. in Brokers and Consultants Ltd, we have changed our name into Gras Savoye Brokers and Consultants Ltd. since October 2008.

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